About Us


Since CBD soared to new heights in 2019, known for its purported wellness benefits, many bars, gyms and retailers in cities across the globe have began incorporating CBD into food and beverages.

CBD EasyMix brings to you a unique, pre-measured CBDEasysnap shot to infuse any beverage with CUBID CBD, one of the most highly-acclaimed and superior CBD brands in the UK.

Stand out and be the first to offer a totally unique, fast,convenient and affordable ‘on the go’ premium CBD product to the masses.


“A powerful partnership with the highly acclaimed CUBID CBD – means that EasyMix offers a superior quality CBD free from pesticides, heavy metals and THC.”


At CBDEasymix, we aim to inspire, encourage and normalise a way for an active, hard-working, on-the-go generation to implement a state of well-being into an already bustling lifestyle.

CBDEasymix creates a more convenient, accessible way for busy individuals to incorporate CBD into their day, prioritising mental and physical wellness without having to go out of their way.



It’s simple, our vision is
wellness made easy.

At CBDEasymix, we envisage a world where CBD is more accessible and convenient to all walks of life throughout the day.

We want to see CBD shots available in coffee shops for morning commuters, in smoothie bars to grab with lunch on the go, in your city’s best rated cocktail bar and nightlife hot spots, so a G&T with CBD is hassle free.

Our aim is to make trying CBD for that first time easier, so consumers can find it in high street establishments across the UK.



We are passionate about the power of the hemp plant, where CBD comes from.


Our team of professionals have a wealth of experience in niche markets, and we employ research staff and a PhD qualified science
advisor to get the job done.


Spreading accurate information about CBD is of utmost importance. So if you have a question, we’ll be glad to help!


CBD is much more than a trend. It’s a movement. It’s a culture.