Natural Oil Drops



EasyMix natural oil shot contains 10mg of full spectrum CBD, plus other cannabinoids so as to increase the rate of absorption of CBD into the body. Our oil contains ultra-refined hemp seed oil and a high-grade CBD extract, derived from organically grown hemp in the hills of Colorado, it is rich in terpenes giving it a natural hemp taste.

EasyMix Natural Oil Drops can also be taken under the tongue as a daily supplement and are registered with The Vegan Society.

Why oil?

The naturally occurring compounds in the plant are extracted into oil form, oils are the less refined more pure form of CBD and the primary ingredient in many of the CBD products that you see on the shelves today.  We do not do any separate processing of the oil; our CBD remains in hemp seed oil as a carrier and still has terpenes giving it a natural taste.

Recommended Use

Recommended to be served with food and drinks that contain healthy portions of Good fats and Fibre, oil drops need a fatty base to bind to, oil does not mix well with water-based products.

Ideal for mixing with

Hot Chocolates


Baked Goods

Protein Drinks